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Soccer Game
Soccer Game

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PTSB Certified Course
1.5 Credits

This course of offered to individuals who are completing their requirements to coach in the state of Wyoming.  This 21 hour course will implement online learning, in-class lecture, as well as taping & wrapping techniques.  All courses are approved through WY PTSB.

Now Offering Refresher Course

This course is offered to individuals who either have received PTSB credit for Prevention & Care or who want to increase their knowledge in:

  • Acute Injuries

  • Concussion Evaluation

  • Taping & Wrapping

Take A Course & Have Life Long Member Access

If you are a coach taking either the PTSB or refresher course you will automatically qualify to be a member on this website which includes:

  • Up-to-date research

  • Prevention & rehab exercises

  • Lecture notes

  • Taping & wrapping videos

In The News
Robert Back case: Athletic trainer testifies she didn't know about concussion diagnosis

Jessica Hansen testified she didn't receive crucial information from the coaching staff.  Attorneys for Benefis say she violated hospital protocol.


March 19, 2018

Bleeding Out

March 22nd, 1989 - Jim Pizzutelle, who was the Sabres Athletic Trainer at the time, used his Military training to save the life of a hockey player.


March 22, 2018

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About the Instructor

Jenna Walker graduated high school from Niobrara County High School.  She then ventured to University of Nevada-Las Vegas to complete her Bachelors of Science - Athletic Training degree. 

Afterwards, she moved to Gillette, WY and was the outreach AT for 5 schools in Campbell & Crook county.  After five years she  moved to Douglas, WY to work at the high school being the head AT and teaching Sports Med 1 & 2 courses.

She now lives back in Gillette working at Thunder Basin High School and has had the privilege to open up a brand new school.   Jenna is enjoying the 4A level and the challenge's that this brings.  The time spent here has brought new ways of thinking when it comes to managing injuries, treatment, and designing/implementing protocols.  

Career Highlights

  • Designed ACL prevention program

  • Developed Sports Med 1 & 2 course content

  • President of WY Athletic Training Assoc.

Specialization or multisport participation? Here’s what the data say

A look at the data regarding multi-sport athletes vs. sport specialization.


February 8, 2018